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New Loon Anglers Hatched … And Shipping!

17th March 2016

The loon’s trademark breeding yodel, laugh-like tremolo, and winter “whale call” have played accompaniment to many of our best times on the water. Their music triggers memories of paddles dipped into steaming, early-morning waters, rods bent by brilliantly-mottled trout, and majestic sky tapestries at the close of each day.

And for two decades, Old Town’s Loons have been there, too, earning accolades from recreational boaters and anglers alike. To celebrate this heritage and customer loyalty, Old Town has completely re-engineered the Loon, offering three new models, all currently shipping: the 106 (10’6″), the 120 (12′) and the 126 (12’6″) – and two fishing-specific models: the Loon Angler 106 (10’6″) and Angler 126 (12’6″).


What they all have in common is smart design, awesome built-in features, comfort, stability, and quick, responsive handling. And when it comes to fishability, new Loon Angler models are the most comfortable sit-inside angling kayaks on the water. Period.

At 10’6” and a mere 46 pounds, the Loon 106 Angler is the perfect boat for portaging into difficult spots, whether far off-the-grid or off pavement into urban fisheries. Minimal weight also means quick and easy launching and stowing via rooftop carriers. The Loon 106 Angler retails for $999.99.

New Old Town Loon 106 Angler (show in Urban Camo finish)

New Old Town Loon 106 Angler (show in Urban Camo finish)

The Loon 126 Angler is 12’6” in length, 31” wide, features a spacious 23” x 56” cockpit, and weighs a mere 58 pounds – but will handle a maximum load of 450 pounds!

Like the rest of the new Loon series, the 126 features extra width and volume in the 3-layer, sit-inside hull for optimum stability, comfort and paddling ease. Plus, it has storage in spades, bow and stern deck bungees for no-fail securing of bulky items, and a rear click-seal hatch with bulkhead to keep essential items dry and safe. The Loon 126 Angler retails for $1099.99.

New Loon 126 Angler (shown in Camo finish)

New Loon 126 Angler (shown in Camo finish)

Features: Loon Angler Series

  • Active Comfort System 2.0 (ACS2) Seat
  • Thigh Pads (Match ACS2 Padding)
  • Click Seal Hatch with Bulkhead
  • Support Track Foot Brace System
  • Durable Three-layer Construction
  • Flush Mount Rod Holders
  • Anchor Trolley System
  • Removable Workdeck with USB included
  • 3 sizes + ACS2 Seat = Perfect Paddler Fit
  • Bow and Stern Deck Bungees
  • Bow and Stern Carry Handles
  • Sharp Keel Line for Performance

Smart Workdeck with USB

"Smart" Workdeck features USB port for charging devices, dry storage, cup holder and more!

“Smart” Workdeck features USB port for charging devices, dry storage, cup holder and more!

Perhaps the Loon Angler models’ most exciting new feature is its innovative – call it “smart” – workdeck. Positioned ideally at arm’s reach, it features accessory trays, cup holder, water bottle cage mount, and a large dry-storage compartment with a latched lid for secure gear management. And to ensure that no memory goes undocumented, a USB port to keep phones, POV cameras, handheld GPS units and other electronics fully charged! There’s even a cell phone with bungee to prevent accidental deep-sixing your device … Plus, an integrated Slide Track mount makes customizing the boat with accessories fast, clean and easy. But, for those times when you need extra room in the cockpit for a pet or small passenger, the workdeck detaches easily via Old Town’s Quick-Lock system.

Best Seating Available

Old Town's revolutionary ACS2 Seat: A throne suited for all-day paddling and fishing

Old Town’s revolutionary ACS2 seat: A throne suited for all-day paddling and fishing

Speaking of ergonomics, Old Town’s Active Comfort System 2.0 (ACS2) seat is the king of kayak comfort and performance, with sharp aesthetics to boot. ACS2 allows easy and intuitive adjustments, under-leg support, premium padding and flow-through ventilation, and quick-drying mesh fabric. We think you’ll agree: ACS2 is the most advanced kayak seating system on the market.

Make sure to visit your local dealer and experience the new Old Town’s new Loons!

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